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The clinical picture corresponds to acute or subacute sepsis. Complications - thromboembolism, bacterial embolism, aortic rupture. The diagnosis is based on the clinical symptoms of sepsis, the detection of tadalafil flora in the blood, and the effect of antibiotic therapy.

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Athero-ulcerative aorta is a type of bacterial thrombus-aortitis; not blood clots, but atherosclerotic ulcers themselves are infected.

The course and symptoms correspond to subacute sepsis.

Bacterial-embolic aortitis occurs with bacteremia due to the introduction of cialis tadalafil (green streptococcus, gram-positive cocci, pneumococci, gonococci, typhoid bacilli, mycobacterium tuberculosis) into the aortic wall along the vasa vasorum.

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Clinical manifestations of aortitis are associated with its complications - mycotic aneurysms, rupture and dissection of the aorta. Aortitis in infectious diseases, as well as damage to other arteries, is observed more often in diseases that occur with bacteremia. Clinical diagnosis of such aortitis is difficult, although autopsy may reveal morphological changes in all layers of the aortic wall.

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Aortitis due to the transition of the inflammatory process from the surrounding organs. It is most often observed in tuberculosis of the thoracic spine, less often in tuberculosis of the paraortal lymph nodes. Tuberculous spondylitis results in aortic perforation and fatal bleeding into the mediastinum or pleural cavities; sometimes bleeding is preceded by the formation of cialis online and dissecting aortic aneurysms. Aortic ruptures have been describeda consequence of the transition to it of the inflammatory process from the lungs with an abscess, as well as with mediastinitis of various origins.

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The auscultatory changes noted in typhus - systolic murmur in the middle of the sternum, flapping II tone over the aorta and a positive symptom of Sirotinin - Kukoverov - are considered as clinical manifestations of aortitis.

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